Vaux Vintage has been a staple vintage source since 2009. With a wearable take on vintage clothing, we focus on practicality and timelessness. Incorporating old and new in a very livable way, providing vintage pieces which can work seamlessly alongside an established contemporary wardrobe. We strive to be inclusive to all genders and non-conforming, encouraging customers to simple buy what they like and what feels good.

At Vaux, we believe buying vintage is the most sustainable way of shopping in a society that encourages materialism and unmindfulness in fast-fashion consumerism. By providing vintage pieces that already exist in the world, we are saying no to unfair production practices involving cheap labor and materials. We hope to encourage customers to simply make better choices, whether it be learning more about the manufacturing of the brands you love, simplifying your wardrobe to consume less, or purchasing pre-worn.

Owned by Aly Barohn, a midwest-raised collector and creator, residing in New York City.